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Teen Challenge Illinois is a member of an international organization with approximately over 240 Teen Challenge centers across the United States, and 1,200 centers in over 90 countries throughout the world. Although the Peoria Center is a nationally standardized Teen Challenge program, each individual center is financially independent and is governed by a local area Board of Directors.
To maintain and support the Teen Challenge, “discipleship program” for a student's participation, it costs approximately $1,500 USD per month.
However, we are able to reduce the overall program costs for the student. This is accomplished through student work therapy, financial support from our Teen Challenge friends, organizations and churches.
The Teen Challenge Illinois men's program charges a one time, non-refundable fee of $1,200 for the first four months of the student's stay.
Payment may be accomplished through each student's own financial means or through the charitable support and help of others who may sponsor the student's stay. Sponsors may be close family, relatives, friends, churches, businesses or other concerned and caring individuals.
The intake fee is due on the day the student enters the program. Payment may be made by money orders, bank/cashier checks, Master Card, Visa or cash. We do not accept personal checks. All intake fees are applied to help underwrite the operational costs of the program. Financial support realized through these fees enable us to use our limited resources to provide help, bed space and training for additional students facing life-controlling problems.
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